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Welcome to an instance of VocPrez, a read-only web delivery system for Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS)-formulated RDF vocabularies.

VocPrez presents different views of vocabularies from a list of RDF sources. This system currently implements sources from local files, Research Vocabularies Australia and VocBench.

See the About page for more information about VocPrez itself.


See the Vocabularies Register for a list of vocabularies this instance of VocPrez knows about.


Usually for the vocabularies VocPrez displays, skos:Collection instances are contained within a skos:ConceptScheme so, to find a skos:Collection, visit the relevant skos:ConceptScheme instance's page and you will see it listed.

This behaviour of nesting skos:Collection instances within skos:ConceptScheme instances may be overridden and has been by some VocPrez implementers so that some VocPrez instances have Collections appear as top-level items.


SKOS concepts are listed within a vocabulary's home page. Each vocabulary presents both a concept heirarchy (tree) view and a link to a flat list of its concepts.

Search & Querying

You can search for Concepts within one vocab or across all vocabs using the Search page or perform SPARQL queries using the SPARQL page.

Alternate Profiles

Different views and formats:

Alternate Profiles ?Profiles (alternative information views) encoded in various Media Types (HTML, text, RDF, JSON etc.) are available for this resource.